Loan Review

The loan review process is critical to the success of any community bank. The loan process must be structured and requires policies and procedures to ensure timely identification of problem credits, asset quality and accuracy.It must also have well-defined classification guidelines that ensure consistent loan ratings and the accounting for the allowance for loan and lease losses must comply with generally accepted accounting principles. This fast-paced course will challenge your understanding of credit review in today’s banking environment.

Over the years, regulatory authorities have reduced the frequency and scope of their examinations to control escalating costs. While authorities are reducing the depth of their examinations, they are stressing the need for banks, lenders, investors and insurance companies to utilize a comprehensive risk management program.

We have witnessed record levels of delinquencies, foreclosures, mortgage fraud, ethical issues, imprudent underwriting and breaches of contractual representations and warranties which precipitated the outbreak of the current economic recession. The spate and magnitude of recently witnessed putbacks has accelerated the need and created a sense of urgency to forensically review the loan files to establish the documents’ adequacy, consistency and authenticity.

Knowledge Splice Services, with its suite of varied financial services, is fully equipped to match the needs of Banks, Lenders, Investors, Monoline Insurers, Mortgage Insurance Companies, Trustees, Certificate holders, Federal Home Loan Banks, and Law Firms to accomplish their loan review requirements. In addition, the bank’s regulators and internal/external auditors will gain the benefit of Knowledge Splice Services ’s findings and recommendations through periodic reviews on delinquent as well as newly-booked loans.