Settlement Services

Every client solution is highly customized to meet the specific needs of that lender. Our mortgage settlement services are comprised of a menu of service options that can be bundled as a comprehensive program to provide a full, end to end solution for your mortgage settlement or as a simple program that blends your internally managed functions with ones that we fulfill.

"We aggregate all of our customer’s volume together in order to drive down fees from our respective service providers and partners, in turn we pass those savings onto the lender and to the borrower"

Record Search & Title Examination

We research the subject property using our Title Plant Databases and other resources. Our experienced Title Examiners are the key to providing the client with a useful, accurate preliminary title policy or other report. We begin the review by making a technical analysis of the documents of record. We make an interpretive analysis of all recorded matters to evaluate their impact on the title to the property. We then create a draft preliminary title policy or other reports as requested.


HUD auction is a form of foreclosure auction except the original lender was a federal agency instead of a private lender. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is the insurer of loans made through a variety of government programs, particularly FHA loans. When a lender forecloses on a government insured loan, HUD takes possession of the property.


The final procedure in the real estate sales process, where the sale and pertinent loan are completed by the execution of documents for recording. In some areas, this procedure is known as the closing of escrow.

In some areas called "settlement" or "escrow." Process of completing a real estate transaction during which deeds, mortgages, leases and other required instruments are signed and/or delivered, an accounting between the parties is made, the money is disbursed, the papers are recorded, and all other details such as payment of outstanding liens and transfer of hazard insurance policies are attended to.

The consummation of a real estate transaction, when the seller delivers title to the buyer in exchange for payment by the buyer of the purchase price. Closings typically take place at the title company, but are sometimes conducted at an attorney's office.

Services: Loan Document preparation, Review loan documents, File Audit & QA, Draw loan docs, Pre-Funding Risk Review, Reconcile closing fees, HUD 1 Reviews, Wiring instructions & conditions verification, review executed documents/loan funding, Accounting & Reporting.


The receipt of funds from the buyer and the payment of the obligations of the seller in conjunction with real estate transaction. The payoffs function is performed by the title company.

Lien Search

City lien searches confirm whether or not there are any issues or liens attached to the property in question at city/local level. Knowledge Splice Services reps email/call/fax the appropriate county or city officials and confirm the current status of the property. This final search is usually performed a week or two prior to closing, gives, buyers and lenders the confidence that all issues have been addressed and they’ll avoid inheriting any unknown liabilities before they purchase the property.

Policy Production

Keying the exceptions and other details in order to prepare the ALTA policy document.


Recording of instruments with the county recorder by a title company merely as a convenience to a customer and without assumption of responsibility for correctness or validity.


Document images received from closing agents via electronic transmission, are sent to the recorder's office online for recording. After recording, we send the recorded copies of the documents to the closing agent.