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At KSS, we are bound together by a shared belief. What we imagine, we make happen. We are always looking for dedicated individuals at any stage of their career who want to make the most of their future. This means finding new and better ways of handling processes through constant learning opportunities. It means enjoying a career with extraordinary opportunities and enormous potential limited only by your commitment to our shared values.

Work and Life Balance

Naturally, the passion that our people bring to their work extends to their own private lives. KSS is committed to enabling a healthy balance between the two. KSS encourages our people to meet their work commitments while balancing their own life responsibilities.

To support this balance, flexible work arrangements are an integral part of the way we conduct business. KSS expects more than a 100% from every team member, and reciprocates their commitment with equal enthusiasm. We respect and support our employees’ interest in maintaining a balance between family and career.

Our People

KSS attracts leaders with an extraordinary combination of attributes: vision, passion and deep sensitivity to the big issues that challenge the world around them. A remarkable thing happens when you bring together employees who are driven to make a difference: they make it happen.

Leadership & Learning

KSS believes in developing the talent of new employees with programs designed to give in-depth experience and build skills that are crucial to their long-term success. Our heritage is built on continuous learning. Experienced professionals who wish to accelerate their careers and take advantage of creating a brighter future are welcome at KSS. Absolutely this is the right place for leadership & learning.

Working Environment

KSS is an invigorating place to work. We have a high-performance culture that emphasizes integrity in business practices as well as work/life balance. The performance of our employees can only flourish in a sound work environment. KSS is committed to supporting its leadership culture through systems and polices that foster continued learning, open communication, all while maintaining employee and partner privacy.

Best Place to Work

At KSS we focus on a participative culture in which you can develop your career around a good work/life balance. Our aim is for everyone to acquire real satisfaction from their contributions to be comfortable in a pleasant work environment and develop friendly collaborative relationships with their colleagues. These are essential elements for a positive and productive work culture.

We also try to bring humor to the work place and encourage fun at work. We have a number of employee friendly initiatives to ensure that you enjoy working at KSS.


Integrity is an essential component of life at KSS. It is how we conduct ourselves and how we do business. This is non-negotiable. While some businesses prize results over ethics, we value both. At KSS we believe that how you do something is as important as what you do. We provide you with the training and opportunities to enjoy a successful career which you can be proud of, now and for the rest of your life.

Global Exposure

A strong cross culture exposure makes KSS truly global. Being global in nature necessitates the exposure of relevant teams to global markets. The opportunity to understand, interact, and work with people from different cultures all over the world creates a kaleidoscope of opportunities for learning propels you to be above par and be the best in the world.

Employee Engagement

Our Commitment to you:

We see our employment contract with you as a two way thing and we’ve committed to an honest, open approach in all that we do. We will:

  • Train you and give you all the opportunities and career development you need to achieve by your potential.
  • Share our business successes and failures with you.
  • Give honest timely feedback and assessment about your performance.
  • Pay you a competitive salary in line with your skills and performance.
  • Aim to meet your career ambitions wherever practical.
  • Create an environment that provides an active social life.
In return, we expect you to:
  • Be professional and do your job as well as you can.
  • Be responsible for your own career development.
  • Share your ambitions, knowledge and experience with us.
  • Be flexible by adapting to the constant change that comes with learning.
  • Commit yourself to our goals and values whilst you work with us.

Promotion and Career Development

Whenever possible we aim to promote from within with all our senior jobs advertised internally. We also recognize that development is not always about achieving a higher grade. Expanding skills or leadership abilities can be as equally important.

As our reputation grows within the unlimited markets we serve, the KSS Group will provide you the opportunity to the best of the best. We are committed to global growth and opportunities will be available elsewhere in the world. We expect to grow, and cannot do it alone. Help us achieve the success in growth we strive for not only today, but tomorrow as well. If you are interested in joining the KSS team, please send your resumes to with us

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